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Image by Nikki Williams

Greg is a photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. A late bloomer in photography, he bought his first interchangeable lens camera in 2015 before embarking on a European adventure. Newly inspired by his beautiful surroundings Greg spent his trip experimenting with photography and after much travel and deliberation finally bought a 35mm prime lens. The lens cost more than the camera, but he was hooked.

Greg’s professional photography career took off when his camera began accompanying him to frequent music gigs. Melbourne has a vibrant local music scene and Greg was quickly picked up by local publications Speaker TV and Australian Music Scene to capture live shows.

Music photography was the feature of Greg's first showcase exhibition in November 2016. The exhibition included 35 photos of Australian and international musicians which explored the captured connection between performers and their adoring fans. Limited remaining single edition photos featured in the exhibition are for sale on this site, alongside the exhibition book.

Originally from the UK, Greg is now an Australian Citizen who still enjoys exploring Australia with the fresh eye of a foreigner. His passion lies in capturing images that celebrate the unique and quintessentially ‘Australian’ landscapes, culture and social scenes of his adopted home. On any given day he can be found on a new photography adventure, adding photos to his collection and pins to his map of Australia.

Greg recently expanded his collection with an exploratory tour of the South Island of New Zealand in December/January, so check out these images on the Collections page.

Portrait by Nikki Williams.